Reiki Therapy

Reiki is a form of subtle energy healing that traces its roots back at least 2500 years to Northern India and Tibet. It was re-discovered and brought into our modern-day world at the turn of the 20th century by a Japanese gentleman, Mikao Usui. Through a lifetime of diligent study, work, and practice Master Usui discovered the ancient secret of this hands-on-healing technique, and how he could pass this information to students who wished to become Reiki practitioners.

The word Reiki is a combination of two Japanese Kanji. Rei translates into guided by a higher awareness, and Ki as Universal Life Energy. Ki in Japan is the same as Chi in China and Prana in India. Through the use of Reiki Therapy, the flow of this life energy can be strengthened throughout the physical body.

As the physical body is placed under greater stress through lack of clean air, pure water, good nutrition, and proper exercise the flow of the Universal Life Energy, Ki, is impaired. The physical body is given life through the flow of energy from the energy body. We each have an energy field that surrounds our physical body and is connected to it through energy centers called chakras. There are seven major chakras and thousands of minor chakras throughout the body.

When the physical body is place under stress a blockage or congestion in these energy centers may occur. We live in a world that is stress-filled. Daily life and living create stress. We no longer have clean air to breath or pure water to drink. Our food sources lack the minerals and vitality to keep us healthy. Our life-styles causes us to live separate from nature and in conditions that are stress producing. When stress builds and congestion in the major chakras is created, the physical body responds with dis-ease. This dis-ease may manifest through physical illness, emotional problems, or psychological imbalance.

A simple but effective means of treating this dis-ease is through the use of Reiki. Reiki is a non-intrusive procedure. Like massage, Reiki stimulates the flow of energy through the body and releases congestion and blockages in the energy centers.  Reiki is normally given in an atmosphere that is peaceful, relaxing, and free from stress. The client remains fully clothed at all times, and either lies on a massage table or sits in a chair while the practitioner moves around the table placing hands over the energy points on the client’s body.

The Reiki Practitioner has undergone a series of classes and attunements with a Reiki Master/Teacher to open the practitioner’s energy centers so that she/he can serve as a channel of the Reiki energy. The Reiki Practitioner does not direct the flow of the energy, but merely serves as a conduit through which the energy is passed to the client. The Reiki energy will seek out the blockages in a client’s energy field and will flow into these areas to begin reducing the blockage and breaking up congestion. As this occurs Ki will begin to flow more freely to and through the client, reducing stress, and alleviating the physical manifestations caused by the blockage of the energy flow.

Reiki is a simple, cost effective treatment that works well with Western, allopathic medicine. It is an excellent tool to employ as a pre and post operation treatment. As it reduces stress and facilitates the flow of energy it lessens recovery time, reducing pain, swelling, and discoloration following surgery. Reiki has also proven effective in treatment of patients who suffer from long-term, chronic pain. Through relieving congestion and blockage between the energy body and the physical body Reiki therapy assists in reducing stress and increasing the flow of Ki to the physical body. This increased energy flow will aid in the relief of chronic pain.

The American Institute of Stress Release estimates that over 75% of visits to doctors’ office are stress related. Stress is a major contributor to the majority of diseases we suffer. Whenever stress is relieved it is found that physical, emotional, and psychological symptoms are also reduced. Reiki therapy is not only beneficial for those who suffer from chronic pain or illness but is also recommended for those who are in relatively good health as it promotes the flow of Ki through the energy body and prevents blockage and congestion of the major chakras thus reducing the opportunity for disease to occur.

For those suffering from a chronic, long-term illness it is recommended that Reiki therapy be applied on a weekly basis. If you are anticipating a surgical procedure having one or two Reiki treatments 72 hours prior to surgery and again within a 48 hour period after surgery is recommended. For those in relatively good health having a Reiki treatment once every four to six weeks will assist in helping to maintain optimum health.

In today’s world we often feel out of control of our environment, which adds to our level of stress, contributing to our dis-ease. Receiving Reiki therapy will increase the flow of Universal Life Energy to the body, which will bring about a state of balance and harmony that allows the physical body to better utilize the air it breaths, the water it drinks, and the nutrition given to it.

Nancy Egger, LCSW, Reiki Master/Teacher