• Saturday, October 18th, 2014

Well, it has been interesting several days. This conference has been pretty intense, and at first, pretty overwhelming. Sitting for the first, very long, day, discussing the massive disruption of lives, hearing first-hand stories of people who were tortured, children who had guns put to their heads, who witnessed atrocities that no human being should ever experience. It was so intense that I couldn’t/can’t write about it until I process it a bit. The first thing I started writing got deleted-it really only served to vent some of my own horror and feelings of helplessness. Good thing that George was home when I called in a panic and helped me re-ground. Yesterday I did my own presentation (which, frankly was a significant contributor to my stress! Come on…my first International conference presentation!!).

Anyway, my presentation was on how trauma impacts teens and then there was a group discussion on intervention. Funny, but when it was over -and it went well…), I could relax and have fun- and I did! This conference is facilitated by a wonderful group of University students, and last night they arranged for a group of us to go to a local venue for music. The fee-really reasonable-was entry, an entire evening of music by a local study who is also a friend of theirs, and a choice of either a drink or a hookah! I chose the drink (soft drink- no alcohol!), and we all had a wonderful time. Slept well last nite!

Two other people and hope to do some sightseeing tomorrow-if we can pull it off, we’re going to try to get to Petra (you’re on your computer-Google it!) If it works out, the picture will be posted.

Update: leave at 6am for Petra and the Dead Sea!! Pictures for sure!

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    Alice Wilkins 

    Wow! Fascinating at the least! What an amazing experience for you!

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